Combs Construction Company is proud to offer a variety of concrete finishing and restoration options by Mulitcoat Product Systems. Products available include the Krete Kote System for decorative concrete finishes and restoration, the Multi-Tex Stucco System for weather-resistant exterior stucco walls, the Scratch Kote System for pool and spa renovation, and the Slatex Above and Below Grade Waterproofing Systems.

Krete Kote System
Krete Kote is the system of choice for concrete restoration. A super bonding, flexible cementitous coating which forms a cost-effective, durable, anti-skid, cool, weather and chemical resistant surface over properly prepared substrates. It can be applied to driveways, walkways, steps, concrete decks, buildings, bridges, etc. Surfacing choices include French Lace texture and patterns such as: Herringbone, Running Bond, Soldier Course, or Basketweave brick; European Fan, 8" or 12" Square Tile, Cobblestone, Flagstone, Serpentine Stone or Face Brick (running bond).

Multi-Tex Stucco System
The Multicoat Multi-Tex Stucco System® consists of a high build flexible acrylic emulsion applied to a special non-combustible lightweight autoclaved cementitous wall board. It forms a cost-effective, durable weather-resistant exterior stucco finished wall, installed on wood or steel frame, residential or commercial structures. Multi-Tex is a one-coat stucco system, designed for its cost effectiveness as well as its ease of application.

Scratch Kote System
Multicoat Scratch Kote is a super bonding latex modified cementitous coating which forms a hard rough-textured base coat, securely bonding to a properly prepared pool, spa or pond substrate. Multicoat Scratch Kote provides an ideal surface to which new pool plaster will firmly bond by both mechanical and chemical means. It is similar to gunite in both appearance and function. Scratch Kote eliminates chip-outs, brown coats, etc. and minimizes down time. Multicoat pioneered the Scratch Kote remains the premier system in use today.

Slatex Above Grade Waterproofing Systems
The Multicoat Slatex Above Grade System is a multi-layer protective coating which combines an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with a fiberglass-reinforced, latex-modified cementitous top coating. The Slatex System is designed to withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic on walkways, decks, ramps, parking garages, roofs, etc. The Slatex System can be applied to concrete, tile, work, magnesite, epoxy stone and most other surfaces or substrates in need of a waterproofing and/or fire resistant protective coating.

Slatex Below Grade Waterproofing Systems
The Multicoat Slatex Below Grade System is a multi-layer seamless protective coating which combines an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with a latex-modified cementitious Dry Mix. The Slatex System can be applied to most surfaces such as concrete block, poured in place concrete, slumpstone, polyfoam sheating, etc. The Slatex Below Grade Waterproofing System is used wherever it is necessary to waterproof below grade walls, retaining walls, or foundation walls with a system that remains elastomeric indefinitely.

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